Conscious Capitalism

An old concept with a New beginning. 

I wholeheartedly endorse Conscious Capitalism as my way of life. Americans have been abiding by it in one form or another since the founding of our country. It is commonly

   shortened to "Capitalism" But there is a difference. In Conscious Capitalism The 

   marketplace is built on socially responsible attitudes and economic viability.

   A business model might be a company that endorses the free market system and provides a fair living wage to employees. The business model may endorse a "higher purpose" catering to the sustainability of our environment. The company would supply the highest quality product at a fair and competitive price driven by an open market that is free of governmental interference (regulation). This higher purpose includes but is not limited to just and fair competition, safe practices and responsible policies to employees, the environment, and provide sustainable returns to the communities served.

Working within your own conscious capitalism is determined by your personal ideology and your moral compass. It creates who you are and instills self pride in what you are. Conscious capitalism is not a world of "entitlement" but an individual process of making things happen for yourself. Hard work, innovation in ones job, creativity to produce new ideas and inventions, pride in your endeavors, and a strong ethical compass are imperative to making conscious capitalism work for you. Family is paramount in promoting a strong sense of self worthiness and self-determination. Conscious Capitalism provides inspiration that governmental socialism cannot and will not supply. Conscious Capitalism is not FREE. It is hard work, self-pride, creativity, and individualism that makes it happen. Conscious Capitalism is understanding that government is derived from the people but that government should never control your conscience. Conscious Capitalism reminds everyone that governmental entities produce nothing and only must take what the people are willing to give it. Conscious Capitalism delivers quite the opposite in that you produce, you reap the reward and benefit, and government works for you in tandem with the community as a whole.    




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