How you can help make a positive difference in your community?
       There are many ways to volunteer, from walking door to door to talking to all your friends 
                                                Please let me know how you would like to help


in order to get my name on the ballot I must gather  1000  signatures of registered voters in Mesa County. I need your help!  I will be able to petition for valid signatures starting on May 14th - July 7th.  Please fill out the form below and I will be more than happy to contact you and provide you with more information how you can be a part of our changing community.    

       Host a Party

I am available to come to your home and discuss issues or ideas. I would love to see as many people as possible in one gathering. Please let me know below how we can arrange this.  Organize a ballot petition party in a park to get the word out and sign the petition to get me on the ballot!  

Please let me know of any other ideas or suggestions you may have or event where I may speak that I can attend or speak. I am here for you!

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I don't have paid staff assisting me in my effort to be elected as your County Commissioner, therefore I ask that you submit questions to this website or visit my Facebook page. I will do my best to answer all questions and include them here or on Facebook when possible. As stated I am not requesting funding just your vote. I hope this will allow me to work for everyone in our community without obligations to any political party or special interest group.