Another Issue We Face 

Another BIG ISSUE that we face that I must address is oil and gas along with alternative fuel sources in Mesa County. Traditionally, Mesa County has had a long working relationship with oil and gas interests. It has been the lifeblood of our county in many ways and for many years, and to our nation. I have been asked if I support fracking and oil and gas in general. I feel that this must be addressed so that my potential voting base KNOWS where I am coming from. It is a tough question to answer, but I am not afraid to hit it head on for what I believe. I am not asking for you to agree or disagree, but I feel that compromise at the time is much needed in order to keep us unified on a common sense approach. I am always open to other ideas, suggestions, and comments too. 

Our nation and society are very dependent on oil. It has so many uses in thousands of products we use everyday.  It has been the mainstay for our existence for over a hundred and fifty years, and helped build our nation into what we are today. As time goes on, technology has improved to introduce many other different types of energy as well. The fact remains that today, oil dominates our way of life. Fracking is a technology that has both advocates and critics. In looking at this issue from where I must as your next county commissioner, I have to weigh in many aspects. How does this affect the environment? How much does it contribute to climate change? What are the long term ramifications to the sustainability of our environment and our consumer relationship?  


My position is that I support what we currently have as it employs people at a good living wage, provides stability to our county in the form of enterprise resources (oil in this case). Understand that I am a very strong proponent of responsible growth and protective land use, especially our public lands,and will never accept anything less. In essence, it is what we have at the moment and I am not going to  destroy a business and someones'  livelihood with no replacement that is not of equal value to the consumer. What this means is, I am all for alternative energy. I support many different forms of it. Solar, hydrogen, algae, and any other "clean" burning fuel. To clarify, we have not seen any other energy source that is as user friendly as oil at this time. In saying that, user friendly to me means that an alternative fuel must be cost competitive, labor competitive, employ as many if not more workers, and do so at a living wage and standard that supersedes or at least equals what the oil industry currently offers. 

To destroy an industry with no competitive and/or feasible alternative, no matter what the perceived consequences are would be irresponsible on any community leaders part. So I present to you my plan. As your County Commissioner I will make a concerted effort to meet with the oil companies, seek out and meet with entrepreneurs in science and research, those with great knowledge in catalysis and like fields of expertise, and encourage looking at alternative sources of energy and fuels. We can find enthusiastic and knowledgeable people that can implement ideas to alternative clean burning fuels that can be cost effective, create jobs, be competitive in the market place and benefit our environment as well. Our community will become a leader in this effort and when successful we can then begin to replace the sources that are causing the pollution and climate change. Free market competition is the key to sustainability. This is my idea of how our county can be a innovative model for other counties and the whole state to follow.

I don't have paid staff assisting me in my effort to be elected as your County Commissioner, therefore I ask that you submit questions to this website or visit my Facebook page. I will do my best to answer all questions and include them here or on Facebook when possible. As stated I am not requesting funding just your vote. I hope this will allow me to work for everyone in our community without obligations to any political party or special interest group.

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My campaign is a total GRASSROOTS EFFORT. I do not have a lot of money, and I don't expect you to help finance my efforts to become your next County Commissioner. I will not accept donations as I believe that you should not have to pay for your representation. My thoughts are that if you take money from an entity, or are on a party platform you are bound to those entities and must follow their instruction. For me, as an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE, I am beholden only to the people as a whole in Mesa County. Lets have unity in our efforts to make our county a great place to visit and live. I will accept votes from all. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and animals registered to vote are all encouraged to vote for me! Responsible growth and looking to our future needs is the cornerstone of my campaign.  I look forward to serving you!