Challenges we face
Focusing on County Employees


As a County Commissioner, I feel it is very important to maintain quality county employees. If elected, my pledge is to review all county positions and talk with workers about what is needed to make our county run smoothly and efficiently. I will review the salaries of all county employees and look for ways to make pay scales more equitable. I will find ways we can be competitive in our pay structure. I will look for ways to help our employees maintain high production rates and the best working conditions, I will advocate for above average benefit packages.

     County Revenues vs. Taxation


 Running a well maintained county means managing funds well. I pledge to work diligently to ensure that each dollar is spent wisely.  I will search for the best ways to invest  county monies for the best return. I cannot say I will never advocate for raising taxes, but I will explain the reasons for any increases to my constituents. Taxation is at best a necessary part of a healthy community. I will make sure I have your approval before I vote for or against any tax hike. 

Business advocacy 


As an independent owner of 4 small businesses over the years I know that the lifeblood of any community is its business relationships. This includes the business it recruits, and the business it maintains. My role as your county commissioner is to support our existing businesses and look for new business that will bring responsible growth to our community. I believe in the concept of conscious capitalism* in business and in personal practice. Business conscious capitalism in the community  serves a higher purpose in that community. Conscious Capitalism will be accountable to the employees hired. It will be conscious to the sustainability of our obligations to the community and protect the environment. It will treat  all employees with respect and work to provide a living wage. Conscious capitalism on an individual level means respecting your work promoting your individualism creating an environmentally sound and sustainable community for all.   


Children/ Youth
We live in an exciting time for Mesa County. My focus for youth and children in our community centers around what we can do for them. Our children are our future and we need to pay very close attention in giving them a well rounded education and cause to be involved in our community. I believe knowing who they are, what they would like to see, how we can better achieve their goals, and work with our youth so that they have a good solid future in the governance of our community. I will set up times and places that I can come and answer questions they may have, ideas they may want to put forth, and commit to making them a part of our future.
Adressing our disadvantaged population
Homeless issues/animals

In working with the Department of Corrections I have gained a great deal of knowledge in working with the people in our community that are at a disadvantage. Be they chronically homeless due to circumstances beyond their control, those with mental health issues, or those released from prison. Once returned to our community they need to address their issues to keep our community healthy. I will work diligently to help those who work with these populations to the best practices possible to help those in need. 

Another overlooked problem in our community is abandoned pets, community cat colonies, abused and neglected animals, and our wild horse population for example. I will work with local animal welfare groups and gather input as to how we can best manage  these animals to help make our county a safe and humane living place for all our animals. 

Environmental Stability


Our environment must be a solid commitment in our community. We must think about environment and sustainability. We must think in terms of how we can protect resources we have in the Grand Valley. My goal is to govern our county in a way that promotes a sound environmental harmony but is recognized as a role model for other communities. This idea centers around programs that are non-polluting and support Eco-friendly systems. I will seek new businesses that promote positive environmental practices. I will always be open to other ideas constituents may have that support sound environmental practices. 

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My campaign is a total GRASSROOTS EFFORT. I do not have a lot of money, and I don't expect you to help finance my efforts to become your next County Commissioner. I will not accept donations as I believe that you should not have to pay for your representation. My thoughts are that if you take money from an entity, or are on a party platform you are bound to those entities and must follow their instruction. For me, as an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE, I am beholden only to the people as a whole in Mesa County. Lets have unity in our efforts to make our county a great place to visit and live. I will accept votes from all. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and animals registered to vote are all encouraged to vote for me! Responsible growth and looking to our future needs is the cornerstone of my campaign.  I look forward to serving you!