Mesa County is a very unique part of Colorado. Since moving here in 2000 I have found this area to be a place with the potential of being a leader for the rest of the state. I want your vote so that I can be a valuable asset for you in representing our community. I want to insure that everyone has a say in how our county develops. I want to make sure that the needs of our county are met. This includes maintaining campgrounds, hiking trails, and bicycling paths. Land uses will be responsibly developed or left undeveloped as each case may warrant.

"change is a good thing if done to the standard the community wants to reflect"



    William "Chip" Page

Mesa County Commissioner District 3

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I don't have paid staff assisting me in my effort to be elected as your County Commissioner, therefore I ask that you submit questions to this website or visit my Facebook page. I will do my best to answer all questions and include them here or on Facebook when possible. As stated I am not requesting funding just your vote. I hope this will allow me to work for everyone in our community without obligations to any political party or special interest group.